Godzilla (2014) Review

“Godzilla” is one of those rare movies that really grabbed me by the trailer. It’s the kind of trailer that gave me goosebumps and resulted in me showing it to all of my friends numerous times. That hasn’t really happened since I saw the “Elysium” trailer in the cinema and that movie was only relatively good. In the same way, “Godzilla” initially blew me away with it’s teasers, and in the same way, only accomplished a fraction of what it convinced us it would.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) Review

It’s finally happened, the best of the best. This movie has had such a profound effect on the way I see the world that I may never recover. By that I mean, I am now from this point on a glass half empty personality who has lost the ability to enjoy the little things or to ever experience excitement ever again. This film upsets me like few others can, because I haven’t been this excited for a movie since “Spider-Man 3” when I was only a knee high. You’d have thought I’d have learnt by this point, but I shamefully admit that I have not.

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