The Right Stuff (1983) Review

The Apollo missions are what comes to mind when talk of rockets and space exploration takes place. After all, Apollo 11 was what landed the very first human beings ever on the moon, and the names of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong are still remembered to this day. Perhaps that’s because since then we haven’t accomplished anything much greater than that with people at the helm. Now, machines are able to take the helm in our place, as shown by the Mars Rover. There was a time when astronauts had celebrity status but even this has changed since. “The Right Stuff” portrays the events of the Mercury missions that took place before Apollo, and were chiefly concerned with getting Americans up into space at whatever the cost. Most won’t have any prior knowledge of the Mercury missions, or who was involved with them, and I certainly didn’t. This is something “The Right Stuff” taps into, the fickle nature of humanity and its tendency to move from one celebrity fad to the next, and it is a masterpiece.

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