Today has been really special, I have had the privilege of over 100 visitors that have come to read my review of “Marvellous”. It is great to know that I have made so many more people aware of its existence.

Which brings me onto this — Requests! Anyone and everyone is free to send me film requests to my E-mail: where I will be happy to oblige any and all requests, within reason. If there is a reason for me not to pursue the request, I will notify you personally.

All you have to do is pick a film, or multiple films you wish for me to review and have the subject line be “Request” (without the speech marks) otherwise I might not read them. I’d appreciate as many requests as possible as they will give me some direction as to what films I pick.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for your support, and I hope to thank you for making requests too.

Marvellous (2014) Review

Something great about seeking out and watching so many movies just so that  I can sit here and tell people what I thought of them, is that I can recommend and at the very least make people aware of small movies that many people otherwise wouldn’t have heard of. Small but no less great movies like “Marvellous” deserve to be held up on a podium above most of the millions of dollars of trash that we see every year. I refuse to make a joke about how the film’s title effortlessly ties into its quality, but just know that if I didn’t have a modicum of respect for you as a reader, I would.

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