22 Jump Street (2014) Review

I’m yet to watch “21 Jump Street” again since it came out and actually review it, but I’ll say that when I did see it I thought it was actually a surprise in terms of how good it was, I really enjoyed it. The fact that no one truly expected “21” to be worthwhile is made fun of in “22 Jump Street” in quite an amusing way… Along with the fact that “22” is a sequel to a teen movie, and that the headquarters has conveniently moved across the street to accommodate the numerical adjustment to the title. The point is, the movie enjoys mocking itself to no end, and it is actually pretty hilarious for movie fans and fans of comedy alike. “22 Jump Street” will make you laugh more than you might expect, but it isn’t quite as good as the previous entry beyond that.

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The Lego Movie (2014) Review

So I won’t pretend that I loved “The Lego Movie” as much as seemingly everyone else did. I’m sat in the horrible position where the thoughts going through my head are along the lines of “How on earth did this receive any sort of acclaim?”. I’ve been here before, most notably after watching “Gladiator” around a year ago. I’m sure most have dealt with being told a film is amazing and seeing evidence everywhere around them that this is in fact true, but upon getting around to viewing the film, the feeling of just being completely underwhelmed is crushing. It did surprise me though, I was surprised to see the raving reviews, and I was surprised again to see that my initial assumption of how “The Lego Movie” would turn out, was correct. This is the longest advertisement you will ever watch, sure it will self mockingly point out that it is an advertisement, but that just makes it a clever one.

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