Frankenstein (1994) Review

“Thrilling horror… One to make the reader dread to turn around… To curdle the blood… And quicken the beatings of the heart.”¬†

This is what is spoken during the opening credits of “Frankenstein”. A quote from Mary Shelley herself, the author of what is perhaps the most famous of novels. Never before have I considered how disturbing a tale “Frankenstein” really was until I began to read the novel recently. We are filled with images of the square headed lug’s bolted head, and this image is forever engrained, but this version of the novel brings the creature back to its roots. ¬†Kenneth Branagh stars and directs this new adaptation of one of the greatest Gothic novels to surface since the genres inception, and he does so faithfully. Much of the imagery is carried over and so are the themes and motifs, but the inconsistent narrative holds “Frankenstein” back from greatness.

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I, Frankenstein (2014) Review

My Mother has a peculiar habit of walking in the door cradling dreadful movies that she has bought in an attempt to pleasantly surprise me. It’s a nice thought and her taste isn’t especially bad it’s just that the wrong stuff always peaks her interest. First it was “R.I.P.D.”, secondly it was “The Day After tomorrow” and now it is “I, Frankenstein”. As the great prophet Miley Cyrus once said “Everybody makes mistakes”. Good job Miley. Good job.

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